Thursday, January 26, 2023 | Live Online & Interactive

Into the Future of Customer Journey

The BOUSSIAS international CX Summit 2023 was fulfilled successfully on January 26, 2023.

More than 250 CX professionals from 100 different companies and 15 countries have joined us!

18 Global CX experts and 12 CX leaders from the Greek market have shared their deep knowledge and expertise with the most dynamic CX community.

Lots of super energy and positive feedback received.

Farewell until we meet again same time next year


CX as No1 factor to stay ahead of your competition. Here is why:


of customers agreed that the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services


of customers say excellent customer service builds trust


of customers say communicating honestly and transparently is more important now than before the pandemic


of customers have stopped buying from a company whose values didn’t align with theirs

Source: Salesforce, State of the Connected Customer

Mega – trends defining the Future of CX

  • Ever-changing Consumer Behavior and demands. How can brands rapidly adapt?
  • Customer Feedback. How to successfully collect and measure it?
  • Artificial Intelligence as a game changer. Can AI lead to better experiences?
  • Meaningful data analytics. Personalization – Hyper personalization
  • Next-level automation tools and apps, designed for humans.
  • Rethinking on CX Strategies. Create a competitive advantage. Plan for profit and growth.
  • Commercial Value & ROI. Monitor and monetize the strategic value of CX
  • Business culture. Customer Centric or/and Human Centric?
  • How can Employee Experience improve Customer Experience?
  • Socially Responsible brands earn audience attention and improve their customer’s perception. How can purpose drive success?
  • Inspire Customer Loyalty. Educate, engage, surprise, reward to retain existing and new customers.
  • Developing human connections by showing empathy and build trust
  • Is Omnichannel Experience a must-have? Investing in what customers care about most.
  • Mapping out the Customer Journey of tomorrow

An upgraded conference experience on your screen!

CX Summit 2023 aims to offer a unique digital conference experience to delegates, speakers, and sponsors.

To find out more just take a moment to watch the videos of past year’s events.Check out what happened on 2022 and 2021.

An amazing community of CX experts and professionals from all over the world, came together to create an inspiring and valuable content while real-time interaction and networking was of high energy.

Attendees enjoyed virtual entertainment and mood-maker surprises. Stay tuned for more Conference Experiences.

  • International keynote speakers
  • Top executives from Greece
  • Discussion panels open to interacting with the audience
  • Networking to connect with speakers, delegates, and sponsors
  • One-to-One Sessions with clients, partners, and speakers
  • Virtual Expo Booths
  • Audience engages with live Polls & Contests

Meet the


Keynote Speakers & Institutional Representatives

International CX experts

Panel discussion: Global CX Voices

The Greek market CX leaders

Panel Discussion: CX Voices of the Greek Market


Participate and get access to multiple benefits. Don’t miss the opportunity to:

  • Meet and discuss with business leaders, entrepreneurs, strategists and decision makers with the most comprehensive strategies and the most effective programs in Customer Experience.
  • Get informed about the current trends, opportunities, and developments in CX by practitioners, professors, CX influencers, consultants with significant international experience and prestigious distinctions.
  • Learn in detail innovative practices and successful CX programs from various market sectors.
  • Meet successful CX community executives and share experiences and knowledge.

What will you LEARN?

  • Get access to the latest CX market developments and trends that define the Future of CX. Learn how to create a sustainable plan.
  • Stay informed on the newest technologies and solutions that help improve your strategy and create a better customer experience.
  • Understand how you can use data to gain value, improve your business KPIs, achieve profit and growth.
  • Strengthen your business culture and employee commitment to your business to achieve impressive CX results.


WHO will Attend?


  • Customer Experience Heads
  • Customer Relations Heads
  • Customer Service heads
  • Customer Loyalty Heads
  • Customer Operations Heads
  • Contact Centre Heads
  • Heads of Product Development and Innovation
  • Heads of UX
  • Chief Digital Heads
  • Technology Heads
  • Chief Marketing Heads
  • Heads of Consumer Insights and Analytics
  • Senior Management (CEO, CMO, COO, CTO)


  • FMCGs
  • CAR

Take a peek at the CX Summits of 2021 and 2022!

720 top executives and 65 CX exceptional speakers from 40 countries participated in 2021 and 2022 events, creating a dynamic global community.

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As a must-attend conference for all CX professionals and executives. The conference is a great opportunity to promote your services, products, and brands to gain new leads and customers.

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Statements of Key Leads

Grand Sponsor

Pobuca, the Customer Experience (CX) company.  
We offer a customer data platform & CRM for brands and retailers that helps them measure, design, and improve CX to achieve the key objectives of increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. Pobuca can help engage customers and empower people in sales, marketing, and customer service.  


Deloitte Greece, a member of the world’s largest professional services network, with more than 2,500 professionals combines an unmatched breadth and depth of capabilities in consulting, audit and assurance, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and legal services.

Deloitte Digital as part of Deloitte Greece combines Deloitte’s power in business transformation and tech applications with the capabilities of a world-class digital consultancy.

DEPA Commercial is a modern and competitive company, with a substantial contribution to the growth of the Greek economy.

Via targeted investments, and the use of smart technologies, the company strives to meet the diverse needs of its customers by providing budget- and environmentally friendly natural gas for households, industrial consumers, generators as well as fuel for gas-powered vehicles through Fisikon, while as the coordinator of the European co-financed projects Poseidon Med II and BLUE HUBS, introduces the maritime transport of the Eastern Mediterranean into the LNG era.

Additionally the company participates in the new FSRU Alexandroupolis LNG Terminal and the gas fired power plant, in the same area.

DEPA Commercial is entering the new era of “clean” energy, by investing in RES and other alternative fuel with a neutral environmental footprint, such as hydrogen and biomethane.

H COSMOTE e-Value (, μέλος του Ομίλου ΟΤΕ, δραστηριοποιείται από το 1999 στην παροχή ολοκληρωμένων υπηρεσιών Contact Center, κατέχοντας ηγετική θέση στον κλάδο.

Με πάνω από 20 χρόνια εμπειρίας στον τομέα της εξυπηρέτησης πελατών και εξειδικευμένους agents, η COSMOTE e-Value αξιοποιεί όλες τις δυνατότητες που προσφέρει η ψηφιακή τεχνολογία και παρέχει, 365 ημέρες τον χρόνο και σε 24ωρη βάση, υπηρεσίες τηλεφωνικής εξυπηρέτησης, όπως ανάπτυξη πωλήσεων, εξυπηρέτηση πελατών, τεχνική βοήθεια, συμβουλευτικές υπηρεσίες κ.ά., απόλυτα προσαρμοσμένες στις ανάγκες των πελατών της. Η έδρα της εταιρείας βρίσκεται στην πόλη της Ξάνθης, ενώ στον Κεραμεικό Αττικής βρίσκονται τα κεντρικά γραφεία της διοίκησης.

Παράλληλα, υποκαταστήματά της λειτουργούν και σε άλλες πόλεις της Ελλάδας. Από το 2014 έχει αναπτύξει τις εμπορικές της δραστηριότητες και στη Ρουμανία. Με παρουσία σε διάφορες πόλεις, όπως Βουκουρέστι, Μπρασόβ και Πλοέστι, έχει αναλάβει σημαντικά έργα από τοπικούς και διεθνείς πελάτες.

Satori is a term to describe “the moment of clarity”.
We are an Analytics Agency made with one simple vision: To give clarity in decision making, through data analytics.With teams of data scientists, analysts and software engineers, we have the depth and experience to deliver any data-centric solution and connect all the dots, however complicated.

Στην PwC Ελλάδας, στόχος είναι η δημιουργία κλίματος εμπιστοσύνης στην κοινωνία και η επίλυση σημαντικών προβλημάτων. Δεσμευόμαστε στην παράδοση ποιοτικού έργου σε όλες τις υπηρεσίες που παρέχουμε (ελεγκτικές, φορολογικές και συμβουλευτικές). Αποτελούμε κομμάτι ενός δικτύου εταιρειών σε 155 χώρες με περισσότερα από 327.000 στελέχη. Στην Ελλάδα, έχουμε παρουσία, σε Αθήνα, Θεσσαλονίκη και Πάτρα.
Οι ομάδες μας αποτελούνται από διεθνούς κύρους συμβούλους, με βαθιά γνώση του κάθε κλάδου και πολυετή επαγγελματική εμπειρία. Συνδυάζουν ένα ευρύ φάσμα δεξιοτήτων σε θέματα στρατηγικής, διαδικασιών, χρηματοοικονομικών, διοίκησης ανθρώπινου δυναμικού, διαχείρισης κινδύνου και τεχνολογίας.
Επενδύουμε χρόνο στην κατανόηση της δραστηριότητας και των προκλήσεων που αντιμετωπίζουν οι πελάτες μας. Αξιοποιούμε τη γνώση μας τόσο για τις τοπικές όσο και τις διεθνείς αγορές και επανεξετάζουμε τις παραδοσιακές πρακτικές, στοχεύοντας στο σχεδιασμό και στην υλοποίηση αποτελεσματικής στρατηγικής που απαντά στις εξειδικευμένες ανάγκες και τις τάσεις της αγοράς, χτίζοντας σχέσεις εμπιστοσύνης.

Attica Group is active in passenger shipping through SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES, HELLENIC SEAWAYS, and AFRICA MOROCCO LINK, operating 35 vessels in total, which provide modern and high quality transportation services in Greece and abroad. The Group’s vessels travel in 4 countries, to 60 unique destinations, connect 71 ports and transport over 7 million passengers, 1 million private vehicles and 400,000 freight units annually.

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