Digital Experience Transformation Senior Manager, Fixed & Mobile, Cosmote

Dimitris Billis

Dimitris believes that Customer Culture is as fundamental to business performance as breathing is to living. The customer should be at the core of all decisions made within the organization.

He studied Operational Research & Marketing in Athens University of Economics & Business and International Business (MSc) in UMIST. From the start of his career 20 years ago, he has been specializing across the entire spectrum of CRM & Database Marketing. He joined COSMOTE (OTE Group) in 2004 and ever since he has held several positions in Customer Development, Customer Retention, Customer Experience, Loyalty Management.

Focusing on CX, since 2015 Dimitris is contributing as a CX Senior Manager in the design, development and implementation of the organization’s CX Program (VoC program, CX Ambassadors community, Customer Culture training, Core CX Journeys management, CX Recovery & Surprise plan, Loyalty Schemes & Initiatives). As of 2020 his role was expanded to include digital touch-points management. Holding the position of Digital Experience Transformation Senior Manager in COSMOTE, Dimitris has a clear purpose: To transform Customer Experience through digital technologies while always maintaining the focus on people.

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