CX Practice Lead, Dentsu, Mapping Guru

Jen Clarke

Jennifer Clarke is the CX lead for dentsu.  She is passionate about leveraging the power of brands to do good in the lives of people.  Prior to joining dentsu she built CX practices at both high-growth start-ups and established agencies like McCann.  Over the course of her career she’s helped many organizations rally around the customer and drive growth there through, General Motors, Nestle, Kaiser Permanente, Mastercard, and the U.S. Postal Service among them. 

Jen is an expert at translating brand ambitions into impactful, effective experiences.  A polymath and multidisciplinary strategist, she believes that people (customers and internal stakeholders) are the heart and soul of every organization. She delivers insights that make the truth of their lives crystal clear. This clarity leads to improved experiences and more resonant communications. She is best known for her ability to distill the complexities of a customer system into easy to understand, comprehensive brand maps.  These maps become the rallying point for stakeholders. 

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