Senior Director, Digital Commercial & e-Mobility Transformation, DEI S.A.

Makis Themelis

Makis Themelis is an award-winning C-Level Executive, with extensive local & international corporate success stories background, specializing on the “digital transformation” & “customer experience” areas. He has more than 20 years in depth knowledge within the online, digital sales & marketing, advertising & media, e-commerce, technology, retail and the services sectors, directly managing P&L statements and building successful operations. For several years, he worked within the British market in key digital multinational organisations such as eBay & Yellow Pages ( Returning to Greece, at the end of 2005, he collaborated with the Greek Yellow Pages (INFOTE S.A.) and Chrysi Efkairia S.A., as Commercial Director, influencing their strategic development (i.e.,,,, etc.). Following these, Mr Themelis finds himself in PRIME MEDIA S.A. (Copelouzos Group), focusing on the company’s international expansion. In October 2013, he leads (Antenna Group), as General Manager, to profitability and moves on to accelerate Thinkdigital S.A. to revolutionising the Southern European digital advertising ecosystem. Until June 2019, Mr. Themelis held the position of Chief Digital & Commercial Officer in QIVOS (at the time, member of the FF Group), when he joined Public (Retail World S.A.) and later Mediamarkt (PMM Group), as Chief Digital Officer with the mandate of restructuring & advancing the eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Loyalty & CRM fields.

During all those years, Mr. Themelis also dedicated time in subject matter expert keynote speaking in several events and teaching, as a Lecturer, at the Hellenic American Union & Metropolitan College institutions. A multilingual C-level Exec holding a BA degree in European Studies from the University of Essex and an MA degree in International Business Relations from Warwick Business School.

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