Customer Experience Manager- Dixons South East Europe

Maria Kallergi, CCXP

Maria Kallergi is one of the few Certified Customer Experience Professionals (CCXPs) in Greece for 2 years now. She has studied Greek Literature in National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, and her postgraduate studies are in the fields of Human Resources Management and Neurolinguistics Programming. She is very experienced in EX & CX Strategic Planning, Business Planning, People Coaching & Development and Project Management. She started her career 23 years ago in Telecoms Sector (COSMOTE, OTE Group of Companies) in several managerial roles. It was then when she fell in love with CX. After 15 years, she continued her career as a freelancer consultant and business trainer specialized in CX, Communication Management and Soft Skills Development. Working with companies from different sectors she realized the importance of EX and she returned in companies as an HR Manager in Shipping sector. At the moment she is the CX Manager of Dixons South East Europe, responsible for the CX strategic and cultural transformation of the company. She is also member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and she is very active in the CX Community, as she was twice a judge and chair judge in the South East Europe CX Awards and the International CX Awards 2020.

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