Afroditi Pina
Live from Greece

Afroditi Pina

Director of Customer Operations, Novibet

Α CX luminary with over 20 years of honing seamless customer experiences. Beginning as a CS agent in a multinational Telco, her journey evolved through roles as a trainer, product tester, and CX specialist, steering teams in notable B2B and B2C setups.

Now the Director of Novibet's Customer Operations from October 2023, Afroditi leads a global team of 300+ across three locations. Her drive powers exceptional service, echoing Zig Zigler's wisdom: "If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you." Her zeal for innovation fuels leadership, transforming experiences into remarkable journeys. Afroditi’s trajectory stands as a testament to this ethos: learn, grow, and drive change in customer-centricity.

Talk title: Cross-Cultural CX: A Journey Through Global Expansion and Operational Excellence in Online Gaming

Abstract: Explore the challenges and successes of launching into new countries, emphasizing the importance of cultural nuances in customer interactions. Learn practical strategies to adjust your CX approach for diverse markets, ensuring a smooth and effective customer experience.