Daniel Ord
Live from Germany

Daniel Ord

Founder & Director, OmniTouch International

For over 20 years I’ve helped & inspired people through training in Customer Experience, Customer Service & Contact Center management.
We deliver mastery level workshops across all three of these different but interrelated disciplines.
And I've run many of our 25 workshops dozens of times around the world.
Tampa, Tallin, Melbourne, Manila, Budapest, Phoenix, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, London and so many more places. Our years of global experience give us wonderful stories and real world examples to share with our audience.

And our positive impact is backed up by thousands of testimonials from around the world.

In addition to Training, my company's Research group has conducted more than 20 years of Mystery Shopper & VOC research.

I’ve become an Emcee & Event Moderator as well - and regularly host events around the world including the European Customer Centricity Awards, the DACH Customer Experience Awards and the Teleperformance Leader Insights Forum.