DeAnna Avis
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DeAnna Avis

Engagement Lead, Watch This Sp_ce

DeAnna is an award-winning coach, consultant, speaker and global CX influencer, named one of the top 25 CX professionals in the world and winner of five customer experience awards including Overall Winner at the UK CXA. DeAnna is Engagement Lead at award-winning Diversity and Inclusion consultancy Watch this Sp_ce, and is a passionate inclusion advocate, a mum and an artist.

Bringing insights from psychology and human-centred design, DeAnna identifies the conscious and unconscious drives behind organisational and customer behaviour to create collaborative and sustainable culture change. She turns insight into actionable strategy. She works with clients who are innovating and transforming to create a positive impact and legacy.

DeAnna brings over 12+ years leading customer and employee experience transformation programmes in Europe, Asia and the USA across sectors including medical & science, aerospace, commercial & industrial, automotive and insurance.

She is mother to a beautiful toddler called Yuri and dedicates all of her work to him.