deBBie akwara
Live from Nigeria

deBBie akwara

Founder & Group CEO, Niche Customer Experience Group

deBBie akwara is the founder/CEO of Niche Customer Experience (CX) Group; an integrated CX management services, solution and training provider.

Before Niche, she led CX in the banking, telecommunications & education sectors recording wins like; 2567% increase in product adoption, 18.7% increase in industry ranking & NGN300 million returns on CX.

Passionate about CX education, she (via Niche Institute of CX & Innovation) launched Africa's 1st globally recognized CX certification courses in partnership with the Institute of Customer Management, UK targeted at frontline teams (CSEE), supervisors (CCEM), department heads (CCEP) and consultants (CCEPR).

deBBie is on a mission to grow businesses one CX at a time using Africa-inspired methodologies, structures and frameworks while leveraging Africa-specific CX research to boost the CX management capabilities of professionals. In 2022, she led a team to launch Africa’s first multi-sector CX report with participation from 21 African countries.

She’s been globally recognized as a top; 50/100/150 CX thought leader (2020-22), 50 thought leader in Africa (2022), 33 women in CX to follow in 2022 and 175 women in B2B to follow in 2023.

She is an author, a mom and humanitarian always seeking opportunities to learn, connect & encourage people to THINK DIFFERENTLY.