Faran Niaz
Live from Dubai

Faran Niaz

CEO & Founder, CX Future

Faran Niaz is CEO & Founder of ‘CX Future’ where it’s all about Customer Experience. His passion is working with organizations to help develop a culture that ensures not just for customers to come back, customer retention, but to create deeply loyal customers. Making a difference in terms of how organizations approach a customer and how they deliver great & exceptional experiences. Helping organizations to create that kind of a magnitude of experience that helps enhance their CX to maximize ROI & STAR Ratings.

Faran Niaz is listed amongst the ‘Top 100 Global CX thought Leaders’ and is also the co-author of the Best Seller Book on Amazon ‘Customer Experience 4 – CX4’. He has over 25 years experience as an accomplished Customer Experience, Customer Centricity, employee engagement and change management expert with some of the top financial Institutions in the world including Citibank, Mashreq & ADIB. He has been an architect of winning multiple CX awards and creating a unique record of moving one of the Banks in UAE from 23rd  to No.1 Bank in Customer Experience and maintaining it for record 7 consecutive years. He is an Internationally recognized Motivation & Keynote Speaker and Awarded by ‘Awards International’ as the most experienced ‘CX Judge’ chairing over 30 events globally.

His Consultancy, CX Future helps organizations elevate and transform their customer experience to the next level with a mission to solve organizations pains in customer engagement across various channels and processes using advanced CX Maturity Matrix models providing in-depth analysis and evaluation based on VOC metrics, NPS, CSS, CES surveys, customer centric design, Employee engagement, Agile journey mapping, and digital transformation in line with global CX Benchmarks. Faran also helps organizations prepare and WIN! prestigious International CX Awards to recognize, celebrate and showcase their achievements in the field of customer experience at Global stage.

Faran is also an Award winning Photographer with his work exhibited in Italy, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.