Konstantina Psarrakou
Live from Greece

Konstantina Psarrakou

Marketing & Digital Director, PAPASTRATOS

Konstantina is Director Marketing & Digital at PAPASTRATOS and member of the Management Team of the company.

Member of Papastratos family since 2005, where she started her career as a Marketing Trainee, she undertook several commercial positions as Brand Manager Marlboro, Manager Retail Visibility and Area Manager Field Sales in central Greece, becoming the first female ever in the company to undertake such a role in provinces.

In 2013 she undertook the position of Marlboro Global Communications Manager at PMI Headquarters in Lausanne. Upon her return in Greece, she undertook the role of Brand Building Manager and led the successful launch of IQOS in Greece.

In parallel, she runs a blog with topics focusing on self-development and empowerment of females combining family with a career, while her favorite quote is that “You cannot improve what you don’t measure”.


Talk title: "Next Best Action: Personalization at scale in the Offline world”

Abstract: Most companies are managing their user base through online CRM tools in order to lead them to specific actions that will generate extra revenues and consequently profits. What happens though when we meet customers in offline touchpoints? How do we engage with them?

At Papastratos we have introduced a new generation User ID protocol with spefic actions assigned at customer level aiming to: anticipate product/service needs, resolve customer care issues, incentivize upselling and most importantly building a long-lasting relationship with the brand. This is what we will share during the upcoming CX Summit.