Lorenzo Paoli
Live from Italy

Lorenzo Paoli

Brand & CX strategist

Lorenzo Paoli is the co-founder of Iconia, a branding and CX management company in Italy. He has been a corporate Coach for almost 20 years and a brand and CX strategist; this combination of interests and skills made him fall in love with the art of Customer Experience and consults companies like Unicredit, Footlocker, Leroy Merlin, Gi Group and many others on CX and branding. He wrote 16 books.

Talk title: The art of aligning CX strategy and Brand positioning

Abstract: Have you ever heard a CEO say: “we want to give the same experience as everyone alse?”. Probably not. But then, when was the last time you actually felt something when going into a store, or navigating a website, or interacting with customer service?

In this talk we explore a practical framework that guides leaders in the subtle art of creating an experience that strengthens the position of the brand and that feels right in every touchpoint of the company.

Key takeaways:

  • How to build a sustainable CX effort that feels right for the brand
  • How to align CX with brand positioning
  • How to develop a CX architecture that is easily shared in all touchpoints