Sirte Pihlaja
Live from Finland

Sirte Pihlaja

CEO, Shirute & Head of Team, CXPA Finland

Sirte Pihlaja (CCXP, Trained LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator) is one of Europe's first CCXP-certified CX professionals. She has been selected for the TOP33 Inspiring Women in CX to Follow list, as a TOP150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leader and in the CX Hall of Fame.
Sirte has over 25 years of international experience in customer and employee experience development and service design, producing creative solutions for customer experience management, research and the use of customer data. She has written two global best-sellers on customer experience and is currently preparing a third book on how artificial intelligence effects the needs for CX professionals' competencies.

Talk title: Are You Ready to Serve Artificially Intelligent Machine Customers?

Abstract: In today's competitive market, unforgettable customer experiences are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Brands that do not prioritise their investments in customer experiences will lose valuable customers and fall behind their competitors. Artificial intelligence has become a force for change that is revolutionising the way companies interact with customers and offers unprecedented opportunities for personalisation, enhancing services and increasing customer loyalty. Machine customers are not just hype. Digital assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are part of our everyday lives, and there are already more intelligent machine customers in the world than people. Billions of IoT devices and AI assistants are waiting to act according to our wishes. In 2025, four out of ten customers have already experimented with a digital assistant, and by 2027, 50% of people in developed economies will use a personal AI assistant on a daily basis. It is estimated that by 2030, almost a fifth of companies' revenues will come from machine customers. This means a change twice as big as the start of eCommerce.

Machine customers offer totally new opportunities for business, but achieving the benefits requires commitment and preparation. Is your business geared up to embrace this new customer segment and adapt to the forthcoming transformations? The time has come for business development teams to translate promises into reality.

Key takeaways: In this keynote, you will learn how to:

  • ensure your organisation's readiness for the effects of artificial intelligence
  • offer better service to smart machine customers
  • develop more effortless transactions for your human customers