Vaishali Dialani
Live from Dubai

Vaishali Dialani

Senior CX Strategist, Konabos

Vaishali Dialani is a multi-award-winning CX professional in the Middle East. Recognized as a CXPA Emerging leader, CX Leader of The Year 2023 Finalist, and ranked among the top 11 CXMStars worldwide, she firmly believes in the power of knowledge sharing to foster growth and awareness within the CX community.

With a career spanning over 8 years as a data-savvy marketer and product research specialist, Vaishali's expertise lies in seamlessly integrating emotions and efficiency through customer experience research, product insights, and communications.

As a Senior CX Strategist at Konabos, a leading digital transformation consulting firm, she helps businesses understand their customers, define strategies, design customer journey maps, and foster cross-collaborative cultures. Her unique blend of creative and analytical perspectives drives CX innovation, ensuring the delivery of exceptional customer experiences.

Talk title: A Research-Driven Approach to CX Optimization

Abstract: Uncover the art of leveraging data to craft detailed maps that illuminate customer pain points, delight moments, and enhancement opportunities. In this practical session, we'll navigate the steps where research becomes the compass for crafting CX strategies that authe ntically connect with diverse customer needs. Curious about hands-on insights for transforming data into actionable steps? Keen on aligning business goals with authentic customer expectations? Join me in making CX strategies as human as the experiences they're designed to enhance!

Key takeaways:

    • Explore a hands-on framework for embedding research into CX strategy formulation.
    • Learn how to quantify and leverage emotional insights from research
    • Discover how to innovate in CX strategies through actionable implementation