Peter Dorrington
Live from UK

Peter Dorrington

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Anthrolytics

Peter Dorrington is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Anthrolytics, the inventor of Predictive Behavioural Analytics and an expert in Customer and Employee Experience Management. Peter has spent the last 25 years advising boards on the strategic use of data and analytics related to customer and employee experience and loyalty management, he is also an award-winning writer and speaker.

Since the foundation of Anthrolytics, Peter has been working with large enterprises to translate their operational data into behavioural insights about the motivations behind consumer decision-making, how that can predict their next action, and how businesses can use those insights to deliver proactive and hyper-personalised journeys at scale and speed.


Talk title: "The impact of Customer Empathy on the Bottom Line"


Today, many businesses face more competition than ever before, especially online, and it can be hard to stand out from the pack. With widescale digital transformation and adoption of AI, there is also a risk that we lose sight of the customer. Yet, the data is clear; when other factors such as price and performance are roughly equal, it is empathy that drives customer loyalty with customers staying longer and spending more.

However, many organisations still struggle to quantify the role of empathy in customer experience, and especially its quantifiable impact on revenue and cost. As a result, and in the face of many other demands on business attention and resources, it can be hard to build a robust business case for investment in empathic CX.

In this keynote presentation, Peter will discuss:

  • What we mean by ‘empathy’, especially in the digital world.
  • How consumers make decisions, and the role of prior experience and emotions.
  • Identifying and measuring ‘Moments that Matter’.
  • Why disposition is such a powerful predictor of customer behaviour.
  • Quantifying the financial case for corporate empathy at scale.