Danny Phillips
Live from Australia

Danny Phillips

Co founder, Omneo

Danny is passionate about creating meaningful, mutually valuable and direct relationships between brands and their best customers, believing that brands are often investing too much on acquisition and advertising, instead of retention and customer experience.

Co founder of the SaaS CX platform Omneo and CX agency Arkade, Danny has also spent time lecturing at RMIT University and General Assembly. He also participates in industry events, roundtables and is a ‘beachhead advisor’ for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Danny works with Australian and international brands such as Zimmermann, APG & Co, Brand Collective, Accent Group, M.J. Bale, Treasury Wines, Magasin Du Nord, MAAP, and Sarah & Sebastian.

He is featured on Nathan Bush's podcast Add to Cart, and publications by GoogleCloud, Mailchimp and RagTrader, and when he finds the time an opinion piece or two on Medium and Linked In.


Talk title: EX+ CX = $X

Abstract: For omnichannel retailers, most revenue continues to come from physical stores, but the retail teams responsible for these sales are often stuck with performance goals that force them to think small and work against good CX principles.

In this session Danny will deliver

- Retail staff KPIs are better for CX outcomes

- How to think differently about the interplay between ecommerce and physical stores

- What tools do retail teams need to help a brand's best customers shop more